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[FREE] The Downing Street Years pdf, epub, mobi

[FREE] The Downing Street Years pdf, epub, mobi

Margaret Thatcher,: The Downing Street Years

The Downing Street Years


This first volume of Margaret Thatcher's memoirs, which encompasses the entirety of her career as Prime Minister. Margaret Thatcher was the towering figure of late-twentieth-century British politics. This is the story of her remarkable life in her own words. This first volume of her memoirs is a riveting first-hand portrait of the events and personalities of her eleven years in power. She recalls the triumphs and the critical moments of her premiership - the Falklands War, the miners' strike, the Brighton bomb, the Westland Affair and her unprecedented three election victories. Her judgements of the men and women she encountered, whether world statesmen or Cabinet colleagues, are astonishingly frank. She is lavish with her praise; devastating with her criticism. The book reaches a gripping climax with an hour-by-hour description from inside 10 Downing Street of her dramatic final days in office. Margaret Thatcher's compelling account stands as a powerful testament to her influential legacy. Although 'The Downing Street Years' is not available as an ebook, the ebook 'Margaret Thatcher: The Autobiography' (ISBN 978-0-00-741694-3) comprises abridged versions of this and the first volume of Thatcher's memoirs, 'The Path to Power'.

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Author: Margaret Thatcher,
Number of Pages: 832 pages
Published Date: 01 May 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780007456635
Download Link: Click Here


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